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I have no following, no Church to Preach to, no conversation whatsoever with anyone. My flesh hates it! But God does not allow it. I am forced to see what I see. It is because of my experience in the Lord that I believe the things I do. The little comfort that God gives me in this hour, is that He allows me to have a website and a podcast to release the burning fire within my bones. And He lets me to have passing conversations now and then with others. It does ease the pain a little and brings some comfort. The only real peace that I truly have is the confidence that I have the Truth in the things that I see and believe about the Lord.

I absolutely have at this moment the cutting edge of His present Living Revelation within me changing me into His Resurrected Image.

God's Two Witnesses

No, I seek the internet to have fellowship with others around the Word that God has already given to me and is currently adding to me. Not saying that I am unteachable or that I have already attained that which I pressed towards, what I am saying is the overall picture that I do have is what it is, and it is according to this picture that the Lord is going to transform the Heaven and this physical creation into.

This is what I seek to have fellowship with. I would like to clarify one thing to you, I have been in Christianity my whole entire life. I was brought up in the church and knew much of the scriptures by the time I was Still though, that was not enough for me. In is when I began to experience His Spirit, and it is according to this experience that has been transforming me each and every day since.

It is according to this experience in Him that I have been given judgement and interpretation of His Living Word. So that being the case then, the cross itself was also a reflection of the Father too.

The Two Witnesses in the Tribulation - Pastor Jeff Schreve

Well how can this be? I will tell you. The Father Himself has sacrificed of Himself, took of His Spirit, to create all things this fallen creation for the purpose of creating His 2nd Creation. God wanted to create a Wife. If the Word is interpreted according to this foundational Truth, then one will begin to see that all things that happen are to perfect His Wife by first her being found in a position of being separated from God and not being able to do anything about it — powerless to raise herself up.

So that God can create in each of His Sons that He alone has all power to create by raising them out of their helpless separated state back into His Eternal presence. It is this work that He poured out at Pentecost. How else to experience this? This is the True sacrifice that Jesus reflected.

As for the 2 witnesses dying at the end of the 7-year Tribulation period, how would those walking into the millennium be perfected in the Truth? They have never been perfected in their hearts to the Truth. And this they must experience through suffering for it. And once they receive it, there has to be a period of time for them to walk by Faith, suffering for it, and not by sight.

Online Destination

White Raiment are the old Testament Saints who are sitting on Thrones at this moment. And the White Robe Saints are those who receive salvation from the 2 witnesses pouring their work out in the Lord to them at the halfway mark. Some of them will be killed in the Great Tribulation period — 5th Seal opened. The simplicity of the Gospel is, you receive the Truth and suffer for it unto death, only then the Resurrecting Life comes to save you up out of your sufferings. Jesus Christ told His disciples that it was needful for Him to leave them, so too will the 2 witness tell the Jews that.

Look I am in no way just talking some off the wall stuff here. There is substance and weight to what I say in the Lord, if the 2 witnesses have something to offer to the Bride along with the Jews too, then they best be able to explain the Heavenly side and why the 2 witnesses are witnessing in the first place.

Peace to you Jimbob and to Doug. You have been given a gift in Christ. You were brought here by the Lord to hear somethings. So I set out to read only the Bible and learn to understand the simplest things first because I am a simple man with a simple mind a simple heart and a simple understanding but it is in the simple things that lies the greater understanding of the Word of God every time we look at the greater things in the Word we must always apply the simple things to it and stay in line with the simplicity of Christ. God says what He means and means what He says He always stays in line with the simplicity that we find in Christ.

As I read your writing and listen to you podcasts. I am reminded by the Holy Spirit of what He has said unto me out of the abundance of the heart proceeds the mouth and by your words the Lord tells me your heart you have a strong desire to speak the truth of the word to the people and you have a strong desire to speak of His second coming it is a very overwhelming desire you love Christ with all your heart that is very evident.

You also have a desire to bring the faith of Christ into the hearts of men so I say once again to you you must learn to intertwine your words with the words of the Lord as you are one with Him and He is one with you. And it is in the simplicity of the word that we find the plan simple truth psalm psalm acts 2Corinthians and may the Lord bless and may you be filled with His Spirit of Truth for you are loved in Christ Jesus.

We know that the 2 witnesses are actual people. We know that God has determined their identity. We know that when they are raised, the description of events is the same as described as the rapture everywhere in the Bible.

On The Timing of the Two Witnesses

Even as described by Jesus himself. Figured it out yet? I thought maybe but no I was mistaken. And exactly what work that they shall be performing — is the FULL manifested display of their victory over sin and death by the Lord Jesus Christ empowering them to do so in the face of all sin and death surrounding them. It is the show down of all show downs. The world will be displaying that they worship sin and death by their works coming against them, ultimately putting them to death.

BUT the 2 witnesses final work will display the Truth that they had been witnessing about all along, that God our Father in Jesus Christ has all Power and is the Giver of all life, and that He is Truly in control of all things and all events for His purpose and for His Glory. Then these 2 witnesses will pour out their Full resurrecting work of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Earth, and those who were one with their testimony while they were on earth, will then also experience their Full Rapture too.

Hello to you Doug, The main theme or cycle displayed throughout the Old Testament, and especially in the New Testament, is pretty much always the same. Israel the Sons of God are found in sin. They almost always appear before the impending judgment, not during or after. How do they reject? They shut the mouths of the witness. But there are those individuals within who do believe in their witness, who are the Elect of God, and who have been waiting on God to redeem them out of the mess they are stuck in.

That is the only way for any Son of God to be perfected and given Eternal Life. The Sons of God must suffer the contrary to what they know to be True.

The Two Witnesses – Revelation 10:1 – 11:19

How does that happen? They are promised life and yet the contrary is all around them, impending death is happening at every corner. What do they believe? In sight? Or in the Faith given to them in their heart that God will save them out of their impending doom? How do we know His witness was true?

By faith, we know He rose from the dead.

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He was Life and death could not hold Him. Because He had to anoint all the Angels with His Resurrecting Work, and the Righteous Angels went forward at Pentecost and anointed the in the upper room. Now it was time for the church to be perfected in what they believe. Now they had to suffer contrary to this Faith in their heart, just as the witness did.

But they have the Hope too of the witness, that lets them know that just as Jesus raised up from the dead so too will they at some point. For the church has suffered and died in their Faith in the Lord. Not one has Resurrected yet into the Fullness of Life. They all have suffered natural judgment. Then the witness is taken off the scene.

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So that now the Faith in the living believers might have her perfect work. Power is now given to the believers for them to suffer the contrary, so that this seed of Truth in them can bring forth fruit unto Life. They will be put to death for this witness, but because they are without sin in Christ, they will raise up from the dead. But what about the rest of the believers? How are they to experience this Truth too? These 2 witnesses must do as the Lord has done years ago, they must go into Heaven and anoint the Angels with their work and then pour it out upon all mankind.